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Mike Cutts

Name: Mike Cutts
Age: 57 Jahre
Country: United Kingdom
Place: Benidorm
Member since: 2013-07-23
Personal best time: 06h 35min 32sec

Date Total 1. Stage2. Stage3. Stage4. Stage5. Stage6. Stage
2013-09-01 06:35:32 h
21.7 km/h
01:14:02 h
21.1 km/h
00:59:34 h
17.7 km/h
00:49:39 h
29.4 km/h
01:12:31 h
15.8 km/h
01:13:50 h
22.8 km/h
01:05:56 h
25.5 km/h

Monday, 2013-09-01

Total time: 06h 35min 32sec

Completed 1st September 2013.
A superb route with marvellous scenery away from traffic.
I was supported by my wife and a friend, who waited at each check point with food and fresh drinks and took photographs of the event.
I was greatful of a support team on hand to help in the event of punctures or an accident, as well as food & drink.

We all enjoyed the day immensely !

I would advise any hobby cyclist such as I, to drive the route and prepare properly, as knowing what is coming was a great help in pacing the ride, and above all allowed me to enjoy the experience.

My thanks to my support team, My wife, Jo, and our friends Jeff & Shirley (catering).