Racing bike event "Marina Alta Prueba"

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Cycling challenge Marina Alta Prueba

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Cycling challenge Marina Alta Prueba

Free all-the-year event for cyclists with timekeeping via message.

Cycling challenge Marina Alta Prueba

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When does the Marina Alta Prueba take place?

The Marina Alta Prueba takes place all year round. It is everyone’s own decision when to take the challenge.

Who can participate?

Correctly registered cyclists who are at least 16 years of age.

What are the participation costs?

No fees are charged in order to participate. Costs only occur when sending the short message. If necessary, contact your network provider for further questions about the amount of costs.

Why are the cyclists’ times not rated?

The Marina Alta Prueba is not a bicycle-racing event. It is a tour suggestion with a given time limit. For the sake of completeness, the lap/finishing times and average times are listed on the Finishers List. However, they are not rated.

Can I win something?

At the end of every year, there is a raffle where prices are given out. Possible winners are continuously picked from the Finishers List. If a cyclist appears on the list more than once, his/her winning chances are automatically higher. The prices are announced before the raffle.

Must the tour be completed alone?

The only condition is that there is no exchange of driver (for example at a check point).  Except for this, it is up to everyone whether to complete the race alone or together with a group.

Is there also a guided tour?

Yes, a guided Marina Alta Prueba tour is offered by the Hotel Los Caballos several times a year. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact.

Do I get a confirmation that my message has arrived?

Yes, a correctly sent SMS will be confirmed by the program.

If I sent a false code, can it still be corrected?

No, this results in disqualification.